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The Design Charity

What We Do

Regenerative Landscapes
We are committed to the design and build of transformative environments for communities experiencing green space deprivation.
Educational Programs & Playful Learning Environments
We research, educate, train, and raise awareness in all areas of landscape and environmental design
Interactive Exhibitions & Engaging Workshops
The design and build of our transformative landscapes and five gold and silver guild RHS medals from Chelsea Hampton Court in Tatton flower shows. Our wide ranging workshops are activated by participants in public schools, community centres and council estates.

Our Current Research

A central focus of our research at the The Design Charity is the investigation of issues related to access to quality green space in urban environments – see our video below 

Digital Dreamtime

Global Garden - Game Over?

Play-time on the Line - a Sustainable Meridian 

meridian shot_.jpg

Grow Your Vision

Taking advantage of the unique location of the Meridian Primary School in Greenwich on the prime Meridian line, we've embarked on a creative endeavour to connect with schools across the globe for a unified climate action project. This includes redesigning playgrounds in an eco-conscious manner that can both educate the students and serve the community.

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