Private Garden 2

A collection of medium sized gardens and their associated features. These range from the creation of a sunken, ‘Italianate’ garden to the rear of a victorian terraced house, to the re-modelling of a small country house garden which featured a new driveway allowing visitors to fully appreciate the impact of an impressive entrance way to the side of the house.
This driveway proved to be a major  project in itself as it was constructed from reclaimed granite cobbles measuring anything up to a foot in depth and was pointed with moulten tar. However, this process was eclipsed by the construction of our sunken garden which demanded the removal of 230 tons of soil to reduce the height of the garden by a  metre overall, as well as the construction of a three foot thick sandstone retaining wall designed  to hold the house firmly in place.
In a similar spirit of heavy construction, the water feature in this garden required the provision of a five foot raft of concrete wrapped around with fibre glass, as well as an  arched flight of stairs constructed from declaimbrick  and sanstone laid initially on wooden formwork.