The Design Charity has been blessed with some help from the Vodafone Foundation! Through the Vodafone World of Difference programme, The Design Charity has a new team member for the next few months, Lucy, who will be helping out with all things marketing, PR and fundraising related for the charity, which is a real boost to


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”our garden assigns the five basic human senses to its four distinct planting areas. Touch, hearing and sight are focused on individually within three quadrants, and taste and smell is naturally combined in the fourth. Each quadrant elicits a unique synesthetic response; light becomes touch, touch becomes sound or taste. Sensory information collected by the ‘hubs’

The digital  ‘diabetes’ environment proposed in a previuos blog has been detailed in an inspirational set of developmental drawings. The Ipad tree now has shape and form and constitutes a commanding presence within the laboratory where it references the symbolic hybridization of high technology and nature.   In fact the Ipad tree is depicted as

Big day for the Bears!

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The multi-sensory play environment discussed in an earlier blog has just taken a step  closer  to becoming reality today as our  clients have been informed  that  their preschool proposal has been shortlisted  – no doubt, due in no small measure,  to the impact of their planned play environment on the  selection panel!   As a

The deepest darkest heart of Africa is destined to be put on display in the most glittering quarter of Mayfair (or is it the other way round?) as the CIC is commissioned to exhibit an installation that finds inspiration in the socio-cultural cauldron  of Central Africa (and needless to say is informed by our recent

As  part of his research into the creative application of novel digital technologies to the garden at De Montfort University,  the CIC’s Bill Butterworth has been commissioned to design an interior environment for a Diabetes Compliance Study (as part of the development of a viable artificial pancreas). This will take the shape of a virtual

Of course, we brought suit cases full of books for the children and clothes and toys and this was our big effort unlike the people from rural Uganda who seem to give as a way of life, and not just things but above all their time, their joy and their love!   Is this romanticised?

Starting with the success of ‘The Promised Land’ garden in the summer and  the unanticipated donations of funds from the  visibly moved visitors to that garden, we now have an invitation to inspect a portion of land – the ‘Promised Land’ ?  – in the kyotera region of rural Uganda. Thankfully, this is no longer

Planned around the children’s story ‘Bear Hunt’ the outside environment will boast the following multi-sensory features: ‘splash ,splosh’,  a swirling river that doubles as a tactile pathway and provides an all-weather connection between  major exterior events; ‘hooo wooo’ a ‘whirling’  perennial  snow storm that features  cushioned  ‘snow drifts’ together with suspended snow balls in flight,

  ‘This Garden is all about feelings’ (a leading member of the Panel of Judges) Doubtless, there were many factors which contributed to the ‘assessment’ cited above, but amongst these ‘sound’ must surely be central – needless to say this  is not a conclusion one would normally jump to in a garden let alone a