The Design CIC Portfolio

Greenwich Garden

This garden was prompted by the construction of a new conservatory which removed the initial barrier between indoors and outdoors. The essential link between house and garden was then strengthened by the creation of a series of outdoor rooms that feature seating areas equipped with fire pit, a water rill with integral hardwood bridge and

Japanese Garden

Japanese gardens are traditional gardens that create miniature idealized landscapes, often in a highly abstract and stylized way. Each feature tells a story from the humblest pebble to a priceless rock which may symbolize Mount Mehru or the five Isles of the Immortals which lie at the sacred heart of garden making in Japan. The


Working in tandem with a dedicated group from Kids Company, we developed a garden that won silver gilt at Hampton court – anecdotally the judges were divided, with half adamant the garden deserved Gold whilst some thought that one or two constructional flaws such as a …fleck of paint here or a poorly driven in

South East London Garden

A work in progress, this town house garden currently awaits the completion of its central feature: a striking three meter high water fall and formal pool on which a custom built seating area appears to float.   Designed as a contemporary courtyard, the garden serves as an outdoor oasis as well as an idealised landscape

Design charity

The Design charity has two defining ‘objects’: First, we are committed to the design and build of transformative environments for charitable causes. Secondly, as part of our educational role, we are pledged to research these environments and to publish  the results for the benefit of all.

Japanese Water Gardens

Ponds are a central element of most gardens and often represent real or mythical lakes or seas. Sometimes they provide a habitat for carps (koi) which introduce additional color and life to the garden – and some say, depending on placement, prosperity!   Water as a design element in the garden is crucial even though

Pilgrim’s Garden

Using the John Bunyan text as its inspiration, this garden takes the visitor from ‘Doubting castle to the Celestial City via House Beautiful, Vanity Fair and The River of Death. Symbolic reference to ones spiritual location on the pilgrimage are made using a broad palette of materials. These visual metaphors range from meaningful mosaics formed

St. Michael’s Hospice

We designed and built a healing garden for St. Michaels Hospice, Harrogate in 2009. Borrowed scenery informs and inspires this therapeutic garden design. This shot reminds us that ‘healing’ is fundamental to mankind’s relationship with Mother Nature. For a more detailed appraisal of the garden we quote the Hospice News Letter: ‘The new look outdoor area

Garden Soap

Garden Soap is a landscape portrayal of popular culture. This Chelsea Garden features a ‘pub scene’ set as the central water feature, a peaked roofed terraced pergola  and a marked shift in design from formal geometry  to the more romantic flow of informal garden design. Referencing Gaudi and Nikki de Saint Phalle in its  inspiration  and

Private Garden 3

A collection of garden designs which range from the cutting edge to the quirky, from  the modern and  minimalistic to the more traditional…Or viewed from the perspective of our choice of materials, we move from  rendered and painted walls, to curved sleeper beds – laid vertically! – from decking steps which cunningly conceal a sand

Private Garden 2

A collection of medium sized gardens and their associated features. These range from the creation of a sunken, ‘Italianate’ garden to the rear of a victorian terraced house, to the re-modelling of a small country house garden which featured a new driveway allowing visitors to fully appreciate the impact of an impressive entrance way to

Private Garden 1

A collection of small private gardens which  range from a ‘no maintenance’ bachelor pad with built in hot tub, to gardens that primarily  need to ‘look good’ from the third storey of a modern town house;from gardens that must accommodate the daily demands of a growing family, to those designed to come alive mainly at