Planting Design

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Planting Schemes


The planting scheme is one of the most important elements in the garden design process. The Design CIC weighs and analyses all the prevailing features of the garden before selecting the style, colours, texture and form of the planting design.


The horticultural team at the Design CIC are fully qualified to add this key component to all our garden projects. Their expertise ensures that your planting scheme flourishes and continues to effortlessly look its best throughout the year – ‘all season interest’ and ‘low maintenance’ and ‘wow factor’ are by-words at the Design CIC!


As a key part of the design process our planting schemes contain the following :


A detailed planting plan with carefully chosen plants, creating a seasonal planting scheme to suit all aspects of your garden, including layout and soil.


Planting mood boards provided for large schemes with photographs of key Plant Species to help clients recognise Latin names.
This plan shows exact positions of plants with a Plant Schedule detailing plant name, quantity and size.


Ever mindful of conservation and overall cost, the horticultural team at the CIC endeavor to recycle mature existing species in your garden.
Carried out with sensitivity and care ,this can cost effectively lend elements of maturity to nursery stock.